Spirit dolls

Dolls that are not toys


Long before becoming the exclusive symbol of childhood, dolls crossed the centuries alongside men, objectifying their metaphysical anxieties as their most secular concerns.

Often associated with ritual and magical practices, they are one of the many ways in which men wish to grasp the manifestation of the sacred.

Then, freed from the religious context for following the process of desecration of the Western world, the dolls of the modern man have, over time, found their place outside the consecrated enclosure.

Its multiple language always retains a primary orientation, that of serving as a significant intermediary between two worlds. Hybrid objects between the true and the simulacrum, the animated and the inanimate, the toy and the fetish, the sacred and the profane, the dolls only surrender to the ambiguity of their nature, their functions and their powers.

The doll is not insignificant. On the contrary, it is overflowing with meanings, as it is the expression of realities to which it does not explicitly refer: elementary or sophisticated objects, of different sizes and materials, from different times and cultures, designed for different uses - playful, ritualistic , aesthetic - uses often associated simultaneously or successively in the same statuette. However, these objects are not strangers to each other, their relationship is affirmed within a phenomenon of "doll" - or, better, a being-doll.

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