Shamanic Reiki


Basically, in addition to the Reikian energetic techniques proposed for the balance of being, in addition to the elements of nature, Shamanic Reiki excels through instruments and elements used to obtain the desired results.

Among them we can mention the application and burning of medicinal herbs, crystals, vibrating essences and treatments packaged by drums, songs, flutes, rattles and whistles. These instruments produce energy, which can be transmitted even more easily to the patient in question.

In addition to these, there are many shamanic techniques that can be incorporated into a Reiki session. Some of them involve breaking ties, recovering souls, recovering animals from power, ancestral healing, extracting energy, cleansing the aura and much more. All of these techniques involved in the healing and healing energies of Reiki allow for a profound and transformative experience.

We only need to be alive for the vital energy to flow and emanate in each one of us. Faced with this frequent exchange of emotions, physical conditions, mental blocks and so many other situations that promote advances and setbacks as a human being, Shamanic Reiki acts with the intention of unblocking affected energy channels, allowing the flow of life to return to its natural and healthy state of balance.

Painless and totally non-invasive, Shamanic Reiki is indicated for people of all ages and physical or emotional conditions, and can be applied anytime, anywhere.