Rei means "universal" and ki, "energy".

Putting these Japanese characters together, they give name to a centuries-old practice of hand treatment. Based on an oriental belief, reiki has also gained ground in the western world.

Over the past few years, it has been practiced as complementary therapy in clinics and hospitals inside and outside Brazil.

Betting on the idea that the transmission of energy to the body through the laying on of hands on certain parts of the body is a way of treating various diseases, the therapy is rated to reduce anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain and even as an adjunct in treatments against cancer. It is considered by its practitioners as a holistic treatment that brings spiritual, mental, emotional and physical relief.

When initiation takes place, REIKI is formed and the individual becomes a channel for the flow of cosmic energy.

This energy, which is an intelligent energy, flows where it is needed, whether it be in the place, the moment or even the distance, in the past or in the future.

Through the technique of using Reiki, the seven main CHACRAS (Energy Capture and Transformation Centers) are balanced harmoniously between the base of the spine and the highest point of the head.

The application of REIKI is nothing more than capturing and using the cosmic energy that brings back the state of full health, harmony and happiness as an instrument of transformation and fulfillment.