Dowsing works in the form of capturing cosmic energy (also called Prana, Ki, Chi etc.), which is the universal life energy that bathes our planet. It penetrates the apex of our head, through the crown chakra, and is distributed to the remaining chakras of the human body.


According to dowsing, harmful or beneficial energy radiation passes over our bodies and affects us in the same way that we are affected by the radiation from the sun, the moon, the earth and, as we know, other people, because even thoughts create energies that radiate through our bodies.

Dowsing also works by capturing telluric energy, which is that which emanates from the center of the Earth and is captured by the chakras of our feet.


As an instrument for the practice of dowsing, rods, pendulums, aurameter, dual-road etc. can be used. The pendulum is perhaps the most common of the instruments and is formed by a crystal, wood or metal tip suspended by a wire.


Anyone can practice dowsing and no special gift is needed, just discipline and constant practice. The conventional dowser normally observes the pendulum's movement, if it rotates clockwise, it will be giving an affirmative answer, if it rotates counterclockwise, it will be a negative answer. But the answers are not limited to yes and no.

Using graphs and tables, you can come up with other answers.