Prayer of Forgiveness

As much as we pray and mentalize, there are cases in which the desired thing does not come true. It is because there is a hidden obstacle. It is because someone has not been forgiven.

When we feel hatred or hold someone's hurt, that feeling penetrates our subconscious and is not easily erased, even if the conscious person has already forgotten it.

As long as this hidden hatred continues, every prayer will be useless, no matter how strongly we pray.

Therefore, before we pray to accomplish something, we must say the prayer to forgive others. Only those who forgive will be forgiven. For this, we can say the following prayers:

I forgave you and you forgave me,

you and I are one before God.

I love you and you love me too;

you and I are one before God.

I thank you and you thank me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

There is no more resentment between us.

I sincerely pray for your happiness.

Be happier and happier ...

God forgives you,

therefore I also forgive you.

I've forgiven everyone

and I welcome them all with the Love of God.

In the same way, God forgives me for mistakes

and welcomes me with His immense love.

May the golden light of Christ, may the golden love of Christ enlighten you fully, may you be bathed, illuminated by the golden light of Christ, and seek the path of light.

Dr.Masharu Taniguchi