WICCA Prayer for Prosperity

Supreme Goddess of infinite goodness

I am healthy, rich and happy!

My mind, my thoughts and emotions are perfect.

Harmony and wealth are part of all the cells and atoms in my body.

Now all my previous fears, conflicts and beliefs disintegrate, strengthening my deserving of receiving health, wealth and happiness.

Wealth is present in my life every day in a natural and positive way, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and material wealth.

Wealth, like everything else in the universe, is also an energy, and it has a golden color.

I breathe that golden energy and feel it invade my whole being.

I am prosperous, successful in business, calm and serene.

I am aware of the Law of Wealth. Nature is an altar to serve and I actively participate in it.

I am a being of prosperity, really rich, healthy and happy!

So is my mind, and so is my life now.

Blessed be!