Spiritual cleansing of the 21 days

This process clears all spiritual limitations, known and unknown, spiritual weapons, mental and emotional body parasites, stuck entities, thought forms of all kinds (including curses, enchantments, spells and spells) and the vows and agreements that keep devices within you. This cure triggers a 21-day cleansing cycle that will bring new openings to your life in many ways.

In the first or second week, strange dreams may occur. It may also be that you have no dreams, doing very deep processing work. In any case, don't worry, both are normal. Put particular attention on how your own perceptions of the world can change.

There will be a feeling of calm and clarity, bringing a new sense of purpose and meaning in life. Life will improve in all areas;
Start cleaning everything that is connecting externally with suffering!
Read carefully, preferably at a time when no one will interfere.

“I appeal to Christ to calm my fears and to erase any external control mechanism that could interfere with this healing. I ask my Higher Self to close my aura and establish a Christ channel for my healing purposes, so that only Christ energies can flow to me. It will not be possible to use this channel other than for the flow of Divine energies ”.

“Now I appeal to Archangel Michael, from the 13th Dimension, to seal and completely protect this sacred experience. Now I appeal to the Security Circle of the 13th dimension to seal, protect and completely increase Miguel Arcanjo's shield, as well as to remove anything that is not of a Christlike nature and that currently exists within this field.

Now I appeal to the Ascended Masters and our Christic assistants to completely remove and dissolve each and every implant and its seeded energies, parasites, spiritual weapons and self-imposed limiting devices, both known and unknown. Once this is completed, I call for the complete restoration and repair of the original energy field, infused with the golden energy of Christ ”.

I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free!

“I, the being known as (declare your name) in this particular incarnation, hereby revoke and renounce each and every one of the loyalty commitments, votes, agreements and / or association contracts that no longer serve my highest good , in this life, past lives, simultaneous lives, in all dimensions, time periods and locations. I now order all entities (which are connected with these contracts, organizations and associations to which I now resign) to cease and desist and to abandon my energy field now and forever and retroactively, taking their artifacts, devices and energies sown. To assure this, I now appeal to the Holy Spirit Shekinah to witness the dissolution of all sown contracts, devices and energies that do not honor God. This includes all covenants and beings that do not honor God as Supreme. Furthermore, I ask the Holy Spirit to "witness" this complete liberation from everything that violates the will of God. I declare this ahead and retroactively. And so be it.

“I now return to guarantee my covenant with God through the dominion of Christ and to dedicate my entire being, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being to the vibration of Christ, from this moment forward and in retrospect. Furthermore, I dedicate my life, my work, everything I think, say and do and all the things in my environment that still serve me, to the vibration of Christ too. Furthermore, I dedicate my being to my own mastery and the path of ascension, both on the planet and on mine. Having declared all this, I now authorize Christ and my own Higher Self to make changes in my life to accommodate this new dedication and I ask the Holy Spirit to witness this as well. I now declare this to God. Let it be written in the Book of Life. So be it. Thank God."

“To the Universe and to the whole Mind of God and to every being contained in It, to all the places where I have been, experiences in which I have participated and to all beings that need this cure, be they known or unknown to me: anything that is keep between us, I now heal and forgive. I now appeal to the Holy Spirit Shekinah, Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Saint Germain to help and witness this healing. I forgive you for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. I ask you to forgive me, for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. Most importantly, I forgive myself for everything that needs to be forgiven between my past incarnations and my Higher Self ”.

“We are now collectively healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven. We are all now elevated to our Christ beings. We are filled and surrounded with the golden love of Christ. We are full and surrounded by the golden Light of Christ. We are free from all 3rd and 4th dimensional vibrations of pain, fear and anger. All the cords and psychic bonds attached to these entities, implanted devices, contracts or sowed energies, are now released and healed. I now appeal to Saint Germain to transmute and rectify with the Violet Flame all my energies that have been taken from me and return them to me now in their purified state ”.

“Once these energies have returned to me, I ask that these channels through which my energy was drained be completely dissolved. I ask Lord Metatron to release us from the chains of duality. I ask that the seal of the Domain of Christ be placed on me. I ask the Holy Spirit to witness that this is accomplished. And so it is ”. “I now ask Christ to be with me and to heal my wounds and scars. I also ask Archangel Michael to mark me with his seal, that I be protected (a) forever from the influences that prevent me from doing the will of our Creator ”.

“And so be it! I give thanks to God, to the Ascended Masters, to the Ashtar Sheran Command, to the Angels and Archangels and to all the others who have participated in this healing and continuous elevation of my being. Selah. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of the Universe! "Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebaioth".