Crystallotherapy is the therapy in which crystals are used as the main tools for the treatment of the client, whose form of application and duration will be determined by the therapist, according to the analysis carried out previously.

The use of crystals, when indicated and prescribed by a professional specialized in the area, is safe. It should not be done at random, as there are some crystals that are toxic and harmful to health.

And, even if there is no toxicity, the prolonged use of a crystal can bring changes in mood and mood and cause reactions or discomfort, without the knowledge on the part of those who are using it.

For example: a crystal indicated to take care of fatigue or discouragement, if used in the sleep period, can bring insomnia or even more severe effects.

The crystals can also be used in parallel with other tools and techniques of naturopathy, such as a foot bath with herbs or phytoenergetic bath with essential oils, to take care of anxiety and other daily difficulties or in chromotherapy, for the most diverse symptoms and treatments.

In addition to being applied in matters of urgency, recovery and health problems, the crystals also help in the area of relationships and other matters.

Crystallotherapy is a treatment that adds effort and energy from the therapist, the crystals and the client (person served), who needs to be an active and participating actor in the whole process.