It is the mechanical stimulation of specific points of the ear to relieve pain and / or treat physical and psychological problems. In addition, it can help diagnose diseases by observing changes in these points.

The auricular pavilion is considered a very important part of the human body because it constitutes a microsystem, being able to reflect all the physiopathological changes of the organs and viscera, of the limbs, trunk, of the tissues and of the sense organs. When a pathological state occurs in any part of the human body, this is reflected in the ear with positive reactions of character and different locations, specific to each disease.

Ear points

Auricular points are specific zones distributed on the auricular surface that faithfully reflect the functional activity of the whole organism. Most of these points have the characteristic of becoming reactive to a pathological process in their corresponding area on the body. All regions and organs of the human body are represented in the ear, as if the ear were a fetus in a cephalic position (upside down).

In clinical practice, we can observe a great diversity of ear pavilions that vary in size and shape, but in all the ear points are distributed, following the same principles.

In case of illness, reactions are faithfully manifested in the specific point or area of the affected region, through morphological changes, skin color, pain on tactile exploration, presence of edema or small cords detected on palpation, changes in electrical resistance, eczema or telangiectasias .

All of these reactions can appear before the disease manifests itself and also disappear after the disease is cured. The points diagnosed as positive are selected for treatment using mechanical stimulation.

Auriculotherapy treatment

The treatment consists of placing, after rigorous asepsis, a spherical material with a smooth surface, which can be a small crystal or more commonly mustard seeds, attached to the skin with small pieces of tape, so that they put pressure on the auricular points.

In clinical practice, it has been verified that when stimulating an auricular point we can come across different manifestations felt by the patient, such as a current sensation, energy that flows through the body, heat that flows through the ear pavilion and that is reflected in specific parts of the body. . The patient should stimulate the spheres several times a day, avoiding wetting and displacing the tape. The spheres thus placed can remain for a maximum period of seven days, and a minimum period of 24 hours is observed with the ear free to redo the treatment.

This technique should not be used if the ear pavilion is injured, with ulcers or eczema, and the patient should be instructed to seek medical attention if severe pain, itching, bleeding and edema occur. It is also necessary to observe the patient's general hygiene care, as we live in a hot and humid country, the ear is very sensitive and the organic material used (seeds) can facilitate bacterial proliferation.

Auriculotherapy is especially indicated when the patient does not want or is prevented from using acupuncture needles for any reason, and also as a complement to needle therapy to continue treatment at home.

In any case, it is always good to emphasize that acupuncture, whatever the technique used, is a complementary therapy and does not replace the conventional treatment of Western medicine.